General Admission

  • Pre-sale: $79 + BF — SOLD OUT
  • 1st Release: $89 + BF — SOLD OUT
  • 2nd Release: $99 + BF — SOLD OUT
  • 3rd Release: $104 + BF — SOLD OUT
  • Final Release: $109 + BF SOLD OUT

Looking to lux up your Grapevine experience? Wine not check out our VIP packages.

Bus Tickets

The only way to guarantee your transport to and from the event!

Buses depart from the following locations towards Grapevine at your selected departure time.

  • Federation Square: **Please Note** Due to public transport disruptions at Federation Square, this departure and drop off location has now changed to Carlton Gardens (directly across the road from Spring St)
  • Ringwood Station: Bus Zone (on Maroondah Highway)
  • Frankston Station: Fletcher Rd side, opposite Chisholm Institute
  • Geelong Railway Station

Buses return back to your selected departure location at the end of the event. If you want to leave the event earlier than the end of the event, buses depart as they fill up so you will need to wait until the first bus fills up before it will depart.


  • Federation Square: $35 + BF
  • Ringwood Station: $35 + BF
  • Frankston Station: $40 + BF
  • Geelong Railway Station: $40 + BF

What time does the bus leave?

Buses will depart at the scheduled departure time on your ticket. Due to the high demand we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Please be patient when getting on the bus, there will be delays. It is your responsibility to be on time for the bus, if you miss it there are no refunds.

How long will the journey take?
  • Federation Square: 50 mins
  • Ringwood Station: 1 hour 15 mins
  • Frankston Station: 1 hour 45 mins
  • Geelong Station: 1 hour 30 mins
Where does the bus depart from at Grapevine Gathering?

At the end of the night, your bus will be waiting at the same place you were dropped off.

What time does the bus depart from Grapevine Gathering?

Buses will start departing once the fill up, if you would like to leave early just head down to the bus zone and wait for the bus to fill up.

Can you take food/drinks on the bus?

You cannot bring any food/drinks on the bus, but we'll have them waiting for you!

VIP Lookout

Get exclusive access to our brand new VIP Deck area which includes scenic views overlooking the event, winery and surrounding valley. This area also includes a private VIP bar and private toilet facilities. Spaces are extremely limited so get in quick.

Note: This ticket also includes your access into the festival.


VIP Observatory

If VIP just isn't VIP enough, then the Observatory is just for you! Get exclusive access into the winery restaurant with stunning views of the surrounding valley, private 5-star toilets and a private bar.

The VIP Observatory also includes a complimentary glass of wine and personal grazing board. In addition, you will have the ability to order food from the winery restaurant's mouth-watering menu.

Note: This ticket also includes your access into the festival.  
Note: This ticket also includes access to the VIP Lookout.



If you need to sell your online ticket, this year we have teamed up with Tixel as our exclusive resale partner to ensure everyone is protected when buying and selling their tickets.

You MUST sell your ticket on Tixel to ensure the ticket is valid on the day. If you have already found a specific buyer, you can list your ticket "privately" through Tixel.

Does my name need to be on my ticket?

We require all names on tickets, matching your ID. Security will be checking this on the day. We no longer offer the option of simply processing a ‘name change’, this is a measure we have introduced to reduce ticket scalping and ensure punters are not scammed when buying second-hand tickets.

I've already sold my ticket to someone 'offline', what do I need to do?

If someone has purchased a second-hand ticket from you ‘offline’ (through Facebook or selling to a friend etc) you will be required to transfer the ticket using the Tixel facility as per the instructions below. Or alternatively, if you have purchased a ticket for a friend and the ticket is in your name, you will need to use these steps below in order to change the name.

Using Tixel, sell your ticket privately to your intended purchaser (the person whose details need to be on the ticket). To do so, please login to Tixel with the same details that you used to purchase the ticket — firstly, ensure the email address you are using is the email linked to your ticket/s. Follow the prompts to upload your ticket/s, and before the final confirmation select the option ‘private listing’ to ensure your ticket/s is not released to the public for sale. You are then able to share this link to your intended purchaser, allowing you to transfer the ticket from one Oztix account to another.


Festicket is an official partner of Grapevine Gathering and you can find tickets available at the button below.